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Sheet masks are an integral part of beauty routines in Korea, China, Japan & other APAC countries. As a proven expert in this beauty segment, we strive to offer you ergonomically cut sheet masks that adhere closely to the natural curves of your face and thereby effectively deliver the concentrated active ingredient solution into the skin. For a naturally beautiful and healthy glow!




Our Hydrogel masks are made of a 100% essence micro-hole sheet which effectively delivers the active ingredients into the skin and thus provides your skin with what it needs to radiate that natural and healthy beauty! In addition, these effective beautifiers also make for a great indulgent home spa treatment with their relaxing, almost meditative feel and ultra-hydrating properties. 




The skin under your eyes is especially delicate and can require additional care. Our eye care products include eye patches and eye pads that are made from 100% essence gel sheets and are shaped to perfectly fit the under-eye area. By providing rich nourishment and anti-aging benefits they help to alleviate puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines around the eyes. They also make for the perfect quick relaxing skincare treatment whenever live gets busy.

제이엠솔루션 유럽 제품 촬영-8.jpg
제이엠솔루션 유럽 제품 촬영-14 (선인장).jpg
제이엠솔루션 유럽 제품 촬영-15 (석류).jpg
제이엠솔루션 유럽 제품 촬영-13 (칸나비스).jpg
제이엠솔루션 유럽 제품 촬영-16 (히아, 콜라).jpg
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